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About Us


Welcome to Visionseal РThe Melbourne Flooring Specialists.

At Visionseal we would love the opportunity to create the required and desired flooring solution for your workplace or home and make your experience memorable. Our service promise is based on providing exceptional value, genuine commitment and creating quality floors that stand the test of time.

We offer a range of flooring solutions for any industrial or commercial operation including those that use caustic chemicals.

We cater to the residential market with solutions for the indoors and out. Tired old driveways can be given new life and the porch or outdoor area can be decorated whilst providing longevity against the elements and heavy use.

Our background and knowledge of this unique industry puts us at the front of our field. At Visionseal we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, the ability to get the job completed on time and a satisfied client who will recommend us.

Our Service Promise

We offer a fixed price guarantee eliminating the risk of cost over runs. We will always arrive at the job at the time agreed, if we do not, we will discount the travelling costs for that day from the final invoice.

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