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Joint Caulking

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Caulking refers to the process of sealing a gap between two surfaces.

Expansion joint and saw caulking is vital for those whom want to protect their floor from moisture, chemicals and other substances from penetrating into the foundations. Caulking expansion joints and saw cuts will also reduce damage to the corners and edges of the concrete which is beneficial long term as this decreases the expense of repairing damaged concrete caused by high traffic and/or heavy machinery driving across the joints of the concrete-which is the weakest point of a concrete surface.

With constant traffic, a small crack or chip can develop into a hole within a matter of weeks, causing a safety hazard and increased wear on tyres of forklifts, trucks and other machinery.  Caulking expansion joints and saw cuts also prevents harmful chemicals from penetrating into the foundations, causing damage to not only the substrate but also the environment.

Visionseal’s professional applicators will thoroughly prepare the area by cleaning the expansion joints and saw cuts by diamond cutting and then apply the appropriate sealant to suit your needs. If your concrete is already in disrepair-Never fear! Visionseal’s staff are also experts in concrete repair, with our knowledge and expertise, Visionseal are able to repair broken concrete prior to the application of caulking to ensure a quality and professional finish.

 Benefits of caulking expansion joints and saw cuts

  • Reduce costly repairs
  • Prevent harmful chemicals and moisture from penetrating into the foundations and environment
  • Enhance atheistic appeal
  • Quick application
  • Prevents debris from accumulating in the joints-creating an easier to clean surface.

For a competitive quote without compromising quality, call Visionseal today for all of your expansion and saw cut caulking needs.