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Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding for Areas throughout Melbourne

Concrete grinding is a process that breaks up deposits of grease, dirt and industrial contaminants on concrete. It also is used to level uneven joints or high spots in the floor.

concrete grinding MelbourneThe concrete skin is removed, and the stronger concrete underneath is exposed. By removing the imperfections of the floor, the overall cost of preparing for a floor covering such as carpet can be reduced. Concrete grinding is also a good solution for preparing floors before application of paints or polish, as it won’t cause ridges in the surface.

Grinders contain horizontally rotating discs that can perform tasks such as light texturing and opening the pores of the concrete surface. As a rotary action is used instead of impact, concrete grinding creates quicker, smoother surfaces than shot blasting or scarifying. Grinding also works close to edges and corners, and produces little dust and a low noise level. It also reduces the need for self-levelling compound.

Why invest in grinding?

The main benefits of concrete grinding is the low maintenance and the high durability. Grinded floors will offer the benefits of concrete flooring, with added durability.concrete grinding Melbourne The floors will not stain or chip, and grinding also eliminates the need for waxing or frequent resurfacing. To clean the floors, all that is required is a quick sweep or mop. If the area has a high traffic of heavy machinery, buffing may be required occasionally. Additionally, grinding concrete is low cost. The concrete can resemble stone or other materials, and the actual process is quick. This means that the floor can be used almost instantly, meaning the floor can be further treated with no delay, reducing time costs.

Concrete grinding is ideal for applications in commercial, industrial or even residential buildings. The durable floors are often used in warehouses, showrooms, hospitals, or retail stores. A grinded concrete is also prepared to be used for coverings such as carpet, vinyl or hardwood floors. Alternatively, the concrete could be sealed using a clear polish, leaving the aesthetic of an authentic concrete floor, but removes the unevenness of the stones, and adds a light-reflecting factor.