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Garage Floor Coating


Garage Flooring for Melbourne Homeowners

It’s time to do something with your garage floor! Your garage is a versatile area of your home. It is an area which is utilised in numerous ways to suit a homeowners’ lifestyle, whether that be an area to park the car, an additional room to the home, a man cave or even an office. No matter the purpose of your garage, Visionseal is here to help customers across Melbourne.

Many garages have moisture and dust issues, Visionseal’s flooring experts are able to assess the area and provide a solution which will eliminate moisture and dust issues whilst improving the atheistic appeal of any surface.

Our heavy duty coating will transform your marked, chipped and discoloured garage flooring into a useful, attractive area of your home-one you can be proud of. We have a vast range of concrete finishes suitable for garages and other areas of your home.

Floor finishes;

Smooth Finish Epoxy Flooring

With correct preparation (diamond grinding) smooth epoxy flooring is ideal for garages. Epoxy coating systems range from spray or roller products for showroom floors and decorative applications to ¼ inch trowel down systems for areas subject to heavy tow motor and equipment traffic. We apply a selection of water-based and 100% solid epoxies.

Epoxy is the perfect product for garage workshops and warehouses as it creates a surface that is durable, resistant to most chemical spills, easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Flake Flooring

Flake flooring system is a combination of a coloured epoxy coating with blended coloured flakes, which are broadcast across the epoxy surface and coated with a high gloss clear top coat. Flake flooring system creates an attractive, hard wearing, hygienic and bacteria resistant, easy to clean decorative coloured surface, which can be applied to add appeal to new or old concrete surfaces. Flake flooring is a perfect solution for your garage floor.

Benefits of an Epoxy floor coating;

  • Eliminate Dust and moisture from a concrete surface
  • Add aesthetic appeal to an area with a range of colour finishes and style available. Click here for a colour chart
  • Easy to clean and simple to maintain with a seamless finish
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to most chemical spills
  • Hard wearing and durable floor surface which will last for many years to come

Looking to enhance you new or existing garage flooring? Melbourne homeowners can rely on Visionseal to provide the perfect solution – contact our team.